Licensing Info

Licensed use of photos purchased from this site

All photos purchased from this site can be used for personal use. Personal use includes:

  • Printing out photos in any sizes for personal use
  • Printing photos on tangible items for personal use (such as coffee mugs, calendars, etc.)
  • Sharing photos on social media
  • Digitally altering and editing photos
  • Using photos in personal media projects, such as slide shows and presentations

The following is not permitted:

  • Claiming to be the author of a photo
  • Using a photo for commercial use

Notes about Commercial Use

Unless otherwise noted, Loisann Shannon Photography does not have waivers for commercial use from subjects in the photos.

If the photo contains at least one subject who can be identified, the photo cannot be used for commercial purposes under any conditions.

Commercial purposes include:

  • Placement of a photo on a business/commercial website
  • Reselling a photo
  • Including a photo in any sort of media (movie, slide show) etc. that is made available for sale
  • Including a photo on any sort of tangible good (mug, calendar, etc.) that is made available for sale

If you would like to purchase photos for commercial use, please contact me.