Note: the classes below have ended. Thank you everyone who attended. More classes will be scheduled soon!

  • All classes are located in the Chattanooga, TN area.
  • Unless otherwise specified, all classes are limited to 6 people

Beginning Digital Photography

Begins on Monday, September 10. THIS CLASS HAS ENDED

Class Dates:

  • SEP 10
  • SEP 17
  • SEP 24
  • OCT 01
  • OCT 08
  • OCT 15
  • Pay for Class | Cost: $120

Please contact me first to confirm availability

Get out of "panic mode" by learning to take control of your digital camera. Light is what photography is all about but it can be tricky without an understanding of how shutter speed, aperture and ISO can work together to capture the image you see in front of you or the one you see in your imagination.

By the end of class, participants will have a good working knowledge of their cameras and understand white balance, metering, focus, as well as a technical knowledge of how a camera works, and more. Three classes will be spent "in the field" getting hands on experience.

Materials List: Digital SLR (preferred) or digital point & shoot with the ability to change shutter speed and aperture.

NOTE: If you haven't purchased a camera before class, we will discuss the pros and cons of various options so you can make an informed decision and purchase one for the third week.

iPhone Digital Editing

Begins on Wednesday, September 19. THIS CLASS HAS ENDED

Class Dates:

  • SEP 19
  • SEP 26
  • OCT 03
  • OCT 10
  • Pay for Class | Cost: $80

Please contact me first to confirm availability

Learn the secrets to taking iPhone photos that say, "Wow!" Shoot AND edit travel/family photos on location. Learn how to take advantage of the best phone photo editing apps as you add layers, masks and make lens corrections—all on your phone (no Photoshop knowledge needed).

View examples of images taken and edited on an iPhone.